Life may have struggles and problems. Yeah the struggle is real, but don't you know that life can give you reasons. I mean life started for a reason. When I was in elementary I was in the sixth grade I had a huge crush on this shy and uninteractive guy. This guy liked me and we became "it's" I don't know if you understand but it's is a word for we became together... Hahaha a harsh on that. So we became its and suddenly Valentine's Day came to our school it was February 13 our teacher told the boys that to invite girls for a dance on Valentine's like a prom. So I hoped I assumed I was saying to myself get ready... Few minutes later everybody was in one place shouting and I saw my crush or my mu right there talking and asking to be his date on Valentine's party.. I was shocked.. Every body was there and they knew before. But they just don't want me to get hurt. So I ran and cried and cried. I shouted at my friends saying why..? Did you not tell me before I got hurt. The guy doesn't want me to get hurt... Well your luck sorry I got hurt. After 3 months I moved on.i got myself a boyfriend in hig school stayed until eight grade that's another long story but... I got used to it. I didn't get mad at myself... I just keep on living my life. Loving myself.. I told myself "Janna you've been through a lot when are you going to stop.... I told myself I am not going to stop I am going to push myself to limit I realize that I am not a failure I am not a dumb stupid person. I tell you my friends love yourself and be kind to yourself. Because no matter what you do... If life gave you 100 reasons to cry... Show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile.... That's what all you have to do...for me it happens for a reason. And allow that struggle, problem goon your life because you'll learn something and you can learn more of yourself deeper.☀️☀️💯 after a year this i me now
The me that learned to be kind to myself.