The little ones where your mom can't get mad about.

Image by Wayland_Angel tattoo, rose, and arm image Image by Oly Cota tattoo, rose, and flowers image
tattoo, heart, and jeans image tattoo and heart image tattoo, heart, and small image tattoo and heart image
moon, small, and tattoo image black, discreet, and gold image tattoo and moon image arm, outline, and outlines image
beach, enjoy, and body image sea shell, pearl, and tattoo image Image by Emilly Andrade tattoo, shell, and beach image
paw, small, and tattoo image tattoo image art, chic, and pretty image tattoo, paws, and black image
alternative, girly, and rips image aesthetic, tatoo, and tattoo image tattoo and arrow image arrow, bed, and fashion image

Always think before you ink!