He would not get it and he would be so frustrated with himself. During class he would get everything but when he would get home everything would slip out if his mind. He would see the letters escape from his mind in his way home. He would run on his way home to catch the letters. But they would slip away from his hands. By the time he would get home he would have no letters to function with. He would cry many times while doing his math homework because he would get mad at himself for not understanding. His parents would always blame him. It hurt, the words they said to him. He thought of telling his parents how this would happen to him but they already thought he was in the clouds all the time. His grades weren’t the best and the only class he had a decent grade in way Art. In art you didn’t need any words all you needed was a pencil and paper. His parents often told him that he drew too much and that he would get no career out of that. He felt free while doing art there was no stress about knowing how to do it right because each artist has there own style.