Here's a part two of the first Kpop Playlist I made! Like the last one, there aren't any specifics, like the age of the song, genre, and artist. And like last time, please message me if there are many song recommendations for me 🤗 Thank you to the people that did!

Block B Bastarz- Make it Rain

I have to say that this is the song that made me want to be a BBC, but even if you aren't, the song's hardcore beat will just steal your heart!

Grace- I'm Fine

So I was watching Unpretty Rapstar Season 3 and this song came on and I was like "YES!" It's such a fun song to dance and sing! I chose this version over the official music video because it brings out that energy!


I was going on an EXO marathon (again), and like always, this song just sticks out to me, because it's their debut song and it's always nice to go back to this to see how these boys grew and changed!

Apink- Always

My song by my queens! This is the song I always listen to whenever I'm in a bad mood and I always feel better after listening to the song! Their sweet voices with the quiet melody are just the best!

MOBB- Full House

As a big YG stan and a fan of both, I blast this song so loudly and just dance along! Even though it's not really good to compare, I enjoy comparing their rapping styles and how they incorporate it into the song to make it the masterpiece that it is.


Honestly, I didn't really like the song when it first came out, but then I catch myself singing some parts and doing some dance moves, and I'm like "WTF is going on with me?" It's just a catchy song with equally catchy dance moves! Plus, it's just refreshing to hear the girls and how they've improved in many aspects! (Especially Jeongyeon's vocals! 😍)


If anybody knows me well, I can't go one day without finding a new song/band. And honestly, these boys need more recognition for their work. When I was listening and watching them, I totally forgot that it was a music video because I was just enchanted by the whole thing! These boys are seriously talented and I don't want their hard work to go to waste!!!

Playback- Want You to Say

Like anyone else that liked Playback when they had only one song, I was really happy when I heard that they were going to have a comeback! But what caught me by surprise was that I liked this better than their first song!

The fat cats- Is Being Pretty Everything?

A while ago, I found this song on a youtube playlist, and just recently I found it again and it still has the same impact it had on me before! I recommend that you find subtitles if you don't understand Korean because the lyrics just make you think. Not just about being pretty, but also about social problems and society.


I love my kings, so I just had to add this song! Plus, it's almost the song's one year anniversary, so I've been listening to this song, not just recently, but over time ever since it's been released. Along with SOBER, this is the type of song that you just listen to when you just have enough of life and you just want to chill!
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