day four: list five things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could.

hi 16 year old mia! i haven't met you yet, but i hope you're doing well. here's 5 things your past self wants to tell you.

1. please try your hardest to stay positive.
i know you're a pretty pessimistic person (at least right now) and its really hard to stay positive but you at least have to try. if you never try it'll never get better.

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2. wear whatever you want.
as of right now, you've started to express yourself a lot more with your style, and honestly, just wear whatever makes you comfortable and don't care what other people think about it. they won't matter in 10 years anyways.

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3. listen to good music as often as possible.
this ones pretty self explanatory. musics just the fucking best.

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4. quotes are everything.
always look at positive quotes when you're feeling down. i know how much you love and neglect them!

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5. don't let your father get to you.
i know that he angers you, and it makes you made that he makes you so mad, but don't let his absence and stupidity get to you or interfere with your life and everyday activities. just don't worry about him, he's not your responsibility.

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