Since I was a little girl I used to play the new girl, watching those series on TV was incredible and I wanted to be like them ... But as desires always have consequences.

And it seems that the crappy or the universe or whatever it wanted to give me everything I wanted, even if it was a game.

Now it is millions of miles away from my friends. I was in another country, in another country.

I do not know anyone, they speak and express themselves differently.
I miss the codes with my friends. Only we understood our jokes and jokes.

I miss so many things ... I miss my English teacher, he helped me and it was very funny, besides a connection that I had with very few people ... And do not misunderstand me ... I do not fall in love, lol. Only that he was one of those wise men who gave you advice about life and always listened to them.

I miss my grandmother and laugh with her so many times, that she embraces me and makes me a tea that only she achieved the exact amount of sugar.

I miss fighting with my cousins. I miss fighting with my friends to see who was right in biology.

I miss so many things ... But not everything was perfect in my high school.

Many of my friends gave me a big stab in the back. But in part I appreciate it. Because that's how I knew who really were my friends.
The worst thing was that these "friends" were the "best". Insebarbal, always together, everywhere. Pajamas, trips to the mall and stupid things like that.

But hey, from the mistakes you learn.
And it's OK. I do not care anymore, because I'm far away.
Although the same in very deep is always the same question: Why?