~Ok so I used to be really insecure. I hated everything about myself. But nowadays I really be walking around like I'm the shit 😂 And I'm just going to share with ya'll four things you need to STOP doing In order to gain confidence.

Trying to please everyone..

I don't care who it is. Best friend or Mom. Some people will truly take advantage of you. And when I tell you this will get so tiring. You'll end up unhappy and alone.. Majority of your happiness drained or stressed out. This leads you no where so just stop now.
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Living In The Past

Forget about it. It's in the past for a reason. Eventually it won't phase you, and you can't change whatever happened anyway. Once you accept what happened, you can move on to better things.
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Putting Your Self Down

BE YOUR OWN HYPE MAN! Lol fuck everyone else I swear. If you gotta lil tummy on you show it! Acne? Embrace the hell out of that shit! I will always stand by mental health being a top priority so please take care of yourself. Being your own bully? That's a no no. You're the very best you that you can be right now and that's okay.
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Scared of Change

It's hard starting something new right? Especially when you're not even sure that you're good enough. But you know what? If you're not happy in your position in life right now then you gotta do it. You don't have a choice. And it's going to be hard as hell man. Trust me I know. Change is uncomfortable, and it's suppose to be.
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It will take a while, I'm 17 and I just started loving myself around September. Time is everything during this process.
~ And I'm sorry if you think I curse a lot. I just write how I talk.

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