Jesus is my hero 'cause he loves me a lot,
he cares for me every day and paid by the cross.
He died for me a while back forgave all my sins,
most heroes wear a cape but mine has worn a cross since.
He wore it to save all those that were lost.
The LORD is my strength and I shall not get tossed,
Between religions or how I talk
The Lord liveth and blessed be the rock.
He washed my sins as if they were chalk!
Fear not he says as he holds out his hand,
I feel compelled to kneel and not to stand.
I can do all things through Christ because he paid the ultimate price.
He is mighty to save, because he rose from the grave.
On that morning an earthquake shook just like it says in the holy book.
Just be still and know that he is God without that knowledge you'll fall apart.
This is why he is my hero up to him the devil is zero.
I’m sorry to say that this is the end stay strong until the Lord descends.