1. Skydiving

sky, fly, and skydiving image

2. Roadtrip trough the USA

friends, summer, and travel image

3. Bathe in hot springs on Iceland

travel, iceland, and water image

4. Watch the fireworks from Times Square

fireworks, night, and sky image

5. Learn to surf

beach, girl, and summer image

6. Dog sled in Alaska

dog, snow, and winter image

7. Get a meaningful tattoo

tattoo, waves, and summer image

8. Hang glide

summer, friends, and beach image

9. Jump from a cliff

cliff, summer, and cliff jumping image

10. White water rafting down Victoria falls

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11. Dive in the great barrier reef

ocean, great barrier reef, and underwater image

12. Milk a cow

country living, rural, and cows image

13. Release baby turtles into the sea

turtle, beach, and cute image

14. Walk on the Great Wall of China

china image

15. Sleep in an igloo in Finland

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16. Be a bridesmaid

wedding, dress, and bride image

17. Go to Coachella

coachella, california, and ferris wheel image

18. Bicycle across the golden gate

bike, gold, and rose gold image

19. Go to a drive-in movie

love, couple, and car image

20. Party at a yacht

summer, sea, and ocean image

21. See a broadway play in New York

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22. Walk the red carpet

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23. Own a pair of designer shoes

collection, inspiration, and outfit image

24. Have a wine collection

food, drink, and wine image

25. Walk on a nude beach, naked

beach, beautiful, and girl image

26. Be on top of the Eiffel tower

paris, light, and france image

27. Be an organ donor on the License

heart, red, and neon image

28. Learn sign language

grunge, tumblr, and ️bruh image

29. Take a pole dancing class

pole dance and pole dancing image

30. Get married

wedding, beach, and couple image

31. Go on safari in Africa

animal, lion, and white image

32. See the northern lights in Norway

sky, nature, and aurora image

33. Do the Hollywood walk of fame

angel, vs, and stars image

34. Swim with pigs at Bahamas

animals, bahamas, and beach image

35. Sleep in an overwater bungalow

adventure, aesthetic, and beach image

36. Stand in front of the Taj Mahal in India

travel, taj mahal, and photography image

37. Play casino in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, and pink image

38. Have kids

b&w, black and white, and human image

39. Watch the sunset over the Pyramids in Egypt

pyramids and egypt image

40. Be in the crown in the Statue of Liberty

new york, statue of liberty, and usa image

I really hope you liked this article, more will be out soon <3
Xoxo Mia