Il y aura des jours meilleurs.

There will be better days.
quotes, happiness, and pink image fashion, girl, and model image

L'amour de ma vie.

The love of my life.
couple, love, and kiss image bisexual, lesbian, and pink image

Rien n'est éternel.

Nothing lasts forever.
quotes, forever, and black and white image quotes, sad, and die image

Quelle année!

What a year!
2018, new year, and 2017 image quote image

Meilleurs amis.

Best friends.
girl, friendship, and friends image friends, friendship, and summer image

Il était une fois...

Once upon a time...
cinderella, disney, and princess image rapunzel image

Clair de lune

sky, city, and stars image moon, night, and waterfall image


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Coeur brisé.

Broken heart.
quotes, sad, and broken image boy, hands, and girl image

Fais de beaux rêves.

Sweet dreams.
baby, cute, and child image baby and child image

Rêveuse,électron libre.

Dreamer,free spirit.
summer, black and white, and sea image concert, dreamer, and music image

I hope you enjoyed,lovelies.