ok so hi there for all those who desided to give me a chance and clicked to read what i have to say.
like the title says , this is a first to me i've never done this before and even thought it was something that i've been willing to do for a while now.......
like really long time now but .....there were lots of things that were keeping me from doing so ,like fear of not being good enough; to not find a good subject to write about ; the lack of inspiration, time also and my studies and projects and i could go on and on about every single thing that kept me from even trying and i wouldn't be able to finish .

but as i watched one of my favorite youtuber "liza koshy" through vogue 73 questions ,one of them has been what advice would she give to someone who wanted to start a youtube channel and her answer was : "to start a chanel ,film videos upload them; have fun and most importently be yourself. It may sound clishé but it works and nobody else can do it like you ; they suck at it :D ;) " so even though i'm not particularly intrested on being a youtuber thought the idea was the same
just ....stop thinking and just do it
to be yourself no matter what because no one else can take that away from you ,your ideas; your slyle and to have fun doing it .
so it really hit home when she said that ,and i thought i can do that even if ,i dont know what i'll be writing about even if i have zero ; nada , walou idea of what i'll be writing about
andi hope that for those who are insecure about lashing out in staring something new wether it's a youtube channel ; a book ;an article ; a blog ;a new sport or whatever it is just stop thinking too much about it. beacause thinkig will bring doubt and doubt will engeder fear and you'll probably retreat and say maybe next time ..... .well
what if there wasn't a next time?, what if today is your last day?ever thought of that ? you'll just have add this to your list of regrets
to think what if did that or i wish i hadn't hesitated at that moment .
so save yourself the trouble and the time and just start doing whatever you love. who knows where it'll take you it may as well be that one decision that may change your life for the better
i hope i didn't bore you with all my talk as i said this is my first article ever and i hope whoever read this enjoyed it beacause this .is.me
my thoughts
and a little glimse of what goes on in my little head
thanks for reading