! I'm so sorry for the grammar mistakes. english is not my 1st language !

--- The girl ---

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i'm the girl.
the girl in love with this guy who looks perfect to her.
you know THAT guy who completes all the items of your list : tall, smart, funny, not ugly,...
you want a guy like this.
But love doesn't work like this. she liked the representation of the guy , not the guy himself.
the funny part ? the guy didn't like her back.
the girl has so many "flaws" : tall, shy, kind, acne, unwanted hair,...
She was just a teen. He was too. Same age.
She knew that he didn't care about her, he was even mean with her sometimes. Often ?
But she hated herself so much that she let him doing this. It was legitimate for her.
Do you think she's stupid ? Sometimes i think she was.

The girl was me.

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i stopped loving him. There's always a time when you said "enough is enough".
Going to college helped me a lot because i couldn't see him anymore. "loin des yeux, loin du coeur (out of sight, out of mind)"

But i'm changing. thanks to site like WHI who spreads self-love, women empowerment and other good vibes.

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I still don't know what real love really means. I'm young. But i'd like to have someone who truly loves me for who i am. I guess it's beautiful.

thank you for reading xx

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