♡ Letting go of unhealthy relationships
This may seem hard to do as the memories made with the person is harder to let go of, but if its an unhealthy relationship with a friend/lover/family member you have to cut the ends of the relationship for at least your own mental health. But, I promise it feels 10 times better letting go than holding on, you will be happier. I promise.

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♡ Doing something for yourself
In this busy world making time for yourself is hard, so give your self an hour or a day, go where you want to do or do what you want to do. If its either reading a book or dying your hair pink or going to another state, do it.

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♡ Spend time with your loved ones
This fast-moving world, give some time to your loved ones, even if it's only for dinner or just a phone call. Whenever you meet them don't forget to tell them you love them because it could mean a lot

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