What can I say, we shared some great memories.

But one day you just left me, blocked me out of your life almost completely. You don't talk to me and I don't understand why.

I can't say that we didn't have our fights, because we did. We fought like anyone else. I hated it when we did, but sometimes we just didn't agree on things.

We were strangers and we become friends that easily. Just as quickly as we became strangers. Yes I can't deny that we very rarely share a few words but it's not necessarily because we want to. They are mostly as a result of being thrown together in classes.

As we have grown throughout the roughly ten years or less that we've known each other, we have changed as individuals and that's ok because thats whats meant to happen. Friendships disappear and it hurts like hell.

You, someone who was such an important part of my life apparently no longer fits into my puzzle that we call life. It's not that I don't want you to be around, we have just grown apart.

You being apart of my life has provided me with different experiences that i am grateful for. I miss the laughs and memories we are able to make, but I do realise its for the best.

We mat not be friends, not enemies, just strangers with memories.

If you saw me later in life and asked if you knew me, a range of memories would flash through my mind and I would reply, 'I used to.'

I will forever miss you and I hope that we could at least be friendly with each other again because I can't stand to never ever talk to you again.

Your Ex Best Friend