Hello hearters, welcome to a new article! This article is about my travel bucket list.

New York

city, night, and new york image city, girl, and fashion image city, light, and new york image new york, city, and travel image


Image by tam christmas, december, and lights image city, sunset, and travel image london, winter, and snow image


light, city, and amsterdam image flowers, city, and tulips image Image by — Joy. amsterdam, museum, and rijksmuseum image


rome, italy, and travel image italy, италия, and rome image colors, europe, and explorer image church, europe, and italy image
Milano, Rome, Venice, Verona, Naples, Pisa, Basically whole Italy :D

Abu Dhabi

travel, fashion, and girl image city, Dubai, and freeway image arabic, beauty, and woman image mosque, flowers, and islam image


food, luxury, and view image Dubai, beach, and travel image Dubai and city image city, Dubai, and night image


cappadocia image coffee, bird, and sea image beach, blue, and paradise image city, sky, and travelling image


moscow, snow, and russia image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Nadielle Freitas building, snow, and russia image

xoxo, Inn