Hello my lovely followers. This is my first article ever, I hope you are going to like it.
Now it is winter time, my favourite month of the year.Holidays are here.
In winter our skin is starting to patch. Here are my 5 tips for your skin in winter time.

1. Wash your face in warm water (every morning and night , you can use your soap or something else)
2. Moisturize ( use your moisturize cream every morning and night, after washing your face,find good moisturize that is for your type of skin)
3. Drink 🔑 ( water is key in winter time , it gives your face nice hydratation)
4. Expoliate (find a goood mask)
5. DIY masks ( do not be lazy , this is my favourite thing to do at home , find which DIY mask is best for your sikin , if you want I can write new article about DIY masks)

And that is , hope you like it and I think it is going to be helpful.
Thank you for reading my lovely followers.