Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing - Eric Davis

A tribute to your amazing life because life's too short to:

  • To think you aren't worth more than gold
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  • To put yourself last
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  • To not take a chance
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  • To Wait
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  • To Hold Back
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  • To not tell someone how you really feel
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  • To not get the shoes
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  • To be with someone who treats you less than you are
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  • To be in a place you're unhappy in
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  • To not travel the world
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  • To not get a puppy
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  • To wait for a Text back
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  • To be stuck in one place
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  • To hate on someone else
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  • To about care about what others think
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  • To not enjoy it
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  • To not choose to live it fully
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  • To not love your life
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  • To not love the one you are
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