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Hi hearters,
I am both disappointed and happy to say that 2017 is coming to an end very soon. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I should write this article....

I hope you enjoy:)

- How have you changed?

- things you could have done differently

- how have your travels changed you?

- places you visited this year

- new skills you learned

- what did you think about more than anything else?

- who did you think about more than anything else?

- advice you’d give to your 2017 self

- favorite moments with friends

- favorite moments with your parents

- worries that turned out to be completely unnecessary

- challenging part this year

- biggest improvements

- influential people this year

- how well did you take care of your body and mind?

- when did you feel most alive?

- old habits you like to release

- what do you want to see and/or explore in 2018?

Thank you hearters!!!