All my life, as I remember, I always wanted to plan a journey all over the world. But, we need a place to begin and for me, that's it. Who doesn't want to see beautiful landscapes and to learn of another culture ? So, this is my list if one day I take a plane and fly on the oceans in Europe.

1. Paris, France

paris, city, and france image eiffel tower, train, and france image friendship, paris, and friends image paris, couple, and travel image
"La ville lumière." (city of lights)

2. Nice, France

architecture, beach, and beautiful image france, nice, and port image beautiful, france, and nice image cars, outfit, and nice france image
A little paradise.

3. Monaco

travel, city, and places image city, monte carlo, and travel image amazing, city, and monaco image city, monaco, and light image
Look at the city, it seems insane.

4. Corsica, France

2016, beauchamp, and beautiful image 35mm, animal, and canon image corse, soleil, and sun image beautiful, colors, and Corsica image

5. London

london, travel, and Big Ben image girl, fashion, and london image city, london, and alternative image london, city, and england image

6. Florence, Italy

florence, italy, and travel image florence, girls, and inspiration image art, artist, and artistic image flowers, architecture, and travel image

7. Venice, Italy

girl, travel, and venice image venice, italy, and travel image Image by Emily Oliveira venice, italy, and city image

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

city, flowers, and travel image Image by — Joy. Image by 𝒶𝓈𝒽𝓁𝑒𝓎 ♕ amsterdam, bike, and girl image

9. Prague, Czech republic

city, sunset, and travel image city, travel, and photography image Image removed prague, light, and city image

10. Rome, Italy

travel, rome, and city image Image by Beatriz travel, rome, and italy image city, rome, and travel image

11. Berlin, Germany

berlin, city, and place image beautiful, berlin, and building image berlin, fashion, and germany image berlin, travel, and architecture image

12. Cracow, Poland

cities, visit, and Krakow image city, lights, and theatre image Krakow and Poland image bicycle, green, and Krakow image

13. Zermatt, Switzerland

switzerland and zermatt image stars, mountains, and sky image Alps, arbres, and day image beautiful, street, and zermatt image

14. Budapest, Hungary

blonde, budapest, and girl image light image travel, drink, and wine image Image removed

15. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece, and greek image girl, travel, and city image Athens and parthenon image acropolis, of, and town image

16. Barcelona, Spain

architecture, art, and Barcelona image Barcelona, bcn, and city image Barcelona, city, and espana image Barcelona, beach, and beautiful image

17. Vienna, Austria

amazing, architecture, and beautiful image austria, beautiful, and gold image city, travel, and architecture image austria, vacation, and vienna image

18. Copenhague, Denmark

architecture, copenhagen, and travel image fashion, girl, and style image city, tanned, and copenhagen image buildings, city, and color image

19. Zurich, Switzerland

city, zurich, and love image Alps, belvedere, and James Bond image adventure, architecture, and art image autumn, fall, and city image

20. Santorini, Greece

Greece, place, and travel image athens to santorini image summer, travel, and girl image Greece, sea, and summer image

21. Moscow, Russie

moscow, russia, and travel image russia image amazing, photography, and places image beauty, girl, and nails image

22. Dublin, Ireland

library, dublin, and ireland image aesthetic, amazing, and architecture image friends, girl, and ireland image city and dublin image

23. Edimbourg, Scotland

scotland, edinburgh, and nature image edinburgh, scotland, and travel image scotland, edinburgh, and castle image city, light, and london image

24. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

church, russia, and st petersburg image brunnen, park, and st. petersburg image russia, saint petersburg, and st. isaac's cathedral image nights, petersburg, and russia image

25. Stockholm, Sweden

sweden, stockholm, and city image Image removed royal palace, stockholm, and sweden image beautiful, city, and stockholm image

I hope you enjoyed this article. These cities are definitely on my to-do list before I die.


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