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So, as someone who started in this platform as a middle schooler, I know there are lots of users that are 12, 13, 14 yrs old. I'd recommend these kind of photoshoot for you since you all spend most of yours days in school. The photos are pretty simple and by using a cute outfit and the right filters can turn out as something cool and aesthetic.
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As holidays are getting close it means is Christmas time! My favourite day of the year. Apart from gifts and the delicious food you can find christmas lights, sweaters, trees, cute pajamas and more. Here in South America we're closer to summer (dec 21) so is kinda sad we can not get a fluffy photo shoot like this unless you are decided to drown in your own sweat.
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Winter means fashionable clothes af. I love winter and all the oversized knit, the hats, the boots, cute scarfs and the grey weather. So call your best friend, choose your best winter outfit and go on a photo shoot while you both are drinking a hot coffee.
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Disney is aaaalways a good spot for photos. Actually, me and my best friend are saving for a Disney trip in a few years. If you are going on a budget I'd recommend you only to spend on the classic Minnie earrings or similar, the last time I went the cost was about 16-20 dollars I guess.
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Nature! For this photos there is no need of travelling to a unspoilt field. A cute/small park should be enough. It is sooo aesthetic and beutiful. The girls in the photos look so calm and free.
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Sporty chic. A nice feed and really cheap to do. You can picture yourself while doing anything you love: skating, surfing, playing tennis, hiking and more! Even just wearing sport clothes and going on a walk.
friends, starbucks, and friendship image amizade, blog, and friendship image girl, friends, and starbucks image friends, friendship, and tumblr image Image by ᴅᴇʙᴏʀᴀʜ best friends image girl, summer, and friends image ashley benson, shay mitchell, and pretty little liars image
Colouful drinks and starbucks' frappuchinos look very fresh and beautiful in a photo. I know this is a classic one (just like eating icre cream) but the best thing about using beverages is that you can always change the background.
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Fair. When I visited Sta Monica's pier with my family I couldn't take good photos because it was too dark and my outfit was bleh so I'd recommend you (if you and your bff visit one) to wear comfy and cute clothes. A fair with colourful attractions and soft lights and candies is a really great background.

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