Realising that I am passing trought a "phase" in which I'm dating a guy, meeting him, seeing him, detailing each space of him... I mean when you fall in love you star realising that you are paying more atention to all the things that he has.
So lets start by the first time I see him, he was way too far away from me and I just start thinking about what he could be thinking, then the days start passing and I began to see him more often through the university. For months he disappeared and I found out that he had retired,I thought I would not see him again. So I just start to forgot him... I have never talked to him I just used to see him in the way you see the stars, you just are sitting there looking at the sky waiting for something to happen, that was actually me, looking at him waiting for something.
But two months lather that "something" happen, I met him, we talk, we hug, we kiss each other, that was something that I was not expecting.
I used to see "LOVE" as that bitch that you see in high school, the one that fucks everybody up, the one that will never see me, the one that was just so popular that never talk to me.
But LOVE had finally noticed my existence and was residing in the body of a boy who kissed me and made my existence feel very prodigious.
The days are running and I have notice those three birthmarks that he has.
The way he close his eyes while kissing me
The way he told me I'm beautiful in my own way

But all of that is just attraction
LOVE is actually weird and defining it would no make it easier, it can make you feel proud or make you vomit, even cry or make you feel "butterflies" in your stomach even when they actually feel like asssasin bees.

All of this is just so confuse, just like love, just like you my dear reader, or just like the boy I'm falling in love. Love is weird, just like me. (Btw, my english is not the best, but I try, believe me! haha)