I'm Daniella Ward, 21 years old and currently living with my parents in London.

I decided to start blogging because it took months to make me to the stage I am now, to love and cherish my independence. To allow men not to break down my walls, trust and categorized other men partially for cheating or abusing verbally and mentally. I've learned to stand up to bullies because I have been bullied since I was 13 years old.

Through all the things I went through heartbreaks, hate, hurt, tears. I began to hurt people around me. I have understood that no one is perfect, we all do mistakes.

I have learnt from mine and I am going to dedicate each blog to everyone there will be some serious subjects and things all we women go through, heartbreaks, relationships, family, friends, school/college or even at your workplace or maybe just yourself.

My mission is for you my queen to love yourself. to believe in yourself. you are a queen. and a queen. forgives. but grows from each bad thing that happens to her. that empowerment. the soul. the heart. the happiness through love within herself.

Enjoy, Trust Me, You'll Thank Me Soon x