Hi everyone,

Hope your having a wonderful day im making this article because i too deal with anxiety, social anxiety and I thought i could really help some people out.

First thing first always remember that not everybody will understand not even your best friends will.

Let your school or college know about your anxiety so they can help you. I told my school and its made my anxiety so much easier in school.

Reach out to someone. Weither its a teacher, friend, family member or a councillor. Always have someone you can go to that you trust and tell them how you feel, its bad to keep things inside.

Have a journal to write, it can help when writing down your feelings aswell as talking about them.

Have something to distract you, what i mean by this is have a some blue tac, a tangle toy or a charm on a bracelet so when you feel uncomfortable in a situation u cant escape use your charm or toy to distract you and keep you calm.

Read books on how to help.

And last but not leats know your strong, and that whatever life throws at you, you can handle it.

I love you all, xoxo moonlightbagels