Day 1 of 15

I'm starting the 15 day writing challenge because I've become unmotivated and I'm trying to get back into writing things. So here it is.


I'm Marie or Mae. I'm currently 17 years old. I grew up in the same city my whole life but wish I could live out of state or even another country. Some interests of mine are Harry Potter, music, memes, art, ghost stories, studying French, those vine comps everyone watches, and pasta. I also took Spanish for about 5 yrs but still don't know anything.

My music taste includes things from The Weeknd to The 1975 to Joji. Right now I'm really liking dvsn and The shape of water soundtrack.

I'm not sure what else I was gonna talk about. This is kinda a mess. Guess I could say something about movies. I like them even if I'm too lazy to watch any. And I like Coraline but my friend hasn't seen it.

As far as goals for myself, I'd love to visit Europe, preferably the UK or France. I also plan on attending art school for illustrating/animating.

That's about it because I'm disorganized and don't know what else I'm talking about. Yeah.