First off if you haven't heard about this this is something @HeyMyNameIsYasmin is having where she is having a contest to see who she wants to mentor or be your fairy godmother to help with your account, during 2018!

see her original article here:


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I think that the reason I would want to make my account grow, is to simply be able to inspire a wider group of people. Because everyone has their own life, their own problems and everyone's life is as complex as your own. I want to be able to reach a lot of people and inspire them through pictures and words. 

Pictures are worth 1,000 words
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I spend a lot of time editing and trying to find unique photos, and I love to hope that the pictures can express something. WHI is an amazing community but it is also a place where you look at images to inspire you to go out and do something or achieve your goals, which is truly an amazing thing, and to be able to capture that would be a dream come true!

Write hard and clear about what hurts most ~Ernest Hemingway 
We write stories to say the things we wish we could say out loud 
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The articles feature is new but I think it's beautiful what else we can express through it. There is so much diversity out there, you can find fashion, beauty, poems, tips, literally anything! But everyone has their own voice through it, so while you might come across two articles on the same subject they won't be similar. I love the articles and I'm starting to get into a routine with them so that, I can express my voice and let myself be heard. 

Words are so extremely powerful, and instead of using them in a way where they will leave a scar, I want to leave them in a way where you can carry your head a little higher after reading them.

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Mostly I want to be me, I want to show others that it's okay to feel things other than happiness, because it's very much a reality; but you can't let that overwhelm your life. I want to inspire others. 

This is where I hope to be in my future on WHI, I aspire to make a change!

Whether or not I get chosen to be mentored I hope that I can one day fulfill this :)

Aspire to inspire before you expire



stay tuned for my BLOGMAS/Get Your Life Together article later today!