A positive life, that's what we all want, right?

Deep inside, we all want someone to look at us and smile. We want someone to be happy when we're around them, someone that appreciates us and smiles whenever they see us. We want a positive and happy surrounding, but how can we have that if we aren't positive and happy ourselves? We can’t just think that our surrounding is going to be happy when we are there and are saying those negative comments. Because we are all trying to hide from them, even if we are saying them all the time.

School or work can be a pain in the ass sometimes, I know because it’s the same for me. But we need to be thankful anyway, because if we aren’t thankful. We need to stop seeing the problems in everything, stop being so negative. Positivity increase positivity, if you are positive, your surrounding will be positive too, and eventually, will the whole world be positive.

And maybe you’ll say that it is a big step? That you never could make the whole world positive and happy? But maybe you can, because it’s all in our heads. All the negative thoughts starts somewhere. We aren’t created to feel bad och being negative, we are created to love, to appreciate and to be thankful. The negativity is just something in our heads, something we imagine and something we use to make us feel better than everyone else. A wise man once told me: “You are not worse than anyone else, but you aren’t better than anyone either”. So if we’re just nice to everyone, including yourself, the world could be a more positive place.

People say you can't be happy all the time, and maybe that's true, who knows. But if you don't even try, of course you ain't gonna make it, you lost before you even tried. You lost when you said that you couldn't do it, when you gave up.

So stop giving up, stop being so afraid of trying, stop being so afraid of failing. Because we all fail, we're humans, it's natural to fail. What does even happen when you fail? If you're afraid of failing because people judge, I'm sorry, people around the world will always judge. The thing you need to do is to not care, just try again and see the people who judged, care less each time you try again. Because when people realise that they can't affect you with their words or actions, they stop caring about what you do and why you're doing it.

And when you realise that they don't care, that's when you will realise what YOU think is fun, what YOU like to do, and that's when you can be positive all the time.

And why shouldn’t you stop being mean and judge people? Because we all do it, maybe you don’t even notice how you whispered to your friend that a person had a ugly sweater, or that someone maybe acted weird. But we all do it, and that’s why it’s everyone’s responsibility to make a change. Positivity increase positivity, so start being positive and you’ll make a change.