Hey lovely hearters,today i am writing about my christmas bucket list or things i want to do during Christmas/winter break.I am really excited about Christmas,i love EVERYTHING about Christmas lights,cookies,music,snow,clothes etc.

First things first,my top thing to do is spend time with my life and friends and basically stay at home without caring about homework or school.I just want to wear my onesie,dring a cup of hot chocolate,watch a movie and snuggle......

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The next one ( the most excited) is go for ice skating with my pals .You don't even know how much/loud we laugh when we have fun.And tell the truth we don't care about other people opinions.It is what it is,right? Whatever you do with your friends and your family don't forget that you only live once and one day this expreriences will become memories and you will look back to these days w/ nostalgia!!

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Moreover,i would love to walk around and watch the beautiful decorations and lights,There is no better way to spend your afternoon rather than walking with a hot cocoa and watching the christmas lights.

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Of course i am extremely ready to snow ,go out and play snowfight or make angels.Omg i am ready i can't wait...One of the funniest activities to do wth your besties or family

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Another thing that is on my bucket list is obviously bake a ton of cookies by yourself and eat them by yourself hahaha i know that i have a sweet tooth and some time is pretty tough and i give in cookies,sweets.I know that you feel me right? No? It's okay!!

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And the last one enjoy the little things in life and be grateful about them.And appreciate all the past memories and the future memories that i haven't exprerienced yet.I want to live in a moment and never give up on my dreams

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Of course there are way more things on my bucket list but there are a few of them.I would love if you send me your christmas bucket list through postcard!!

Thanks a million for reading this article.

Xoxo Mag