Hello Guys! In this being my first article, I decided to do one on a topic I think is important. Representation. It is important that any woman can look for makeup tips that would fit her actual skin tone. In advance, when I tell what shade they are and who would benefit from them I just mean they can give you guidelines on face makeup because of their skin tone.This being said... I decided to do a TOP 10 list of my favorite youtubers for women of color.........* DRUM ROLL*

10) Glamtwinz334 : These twins are true beauties. While their talent dominates in hair care, these twins also dabble in makeup. Predominantly, their channel encompasses their hair care routines to reach healthy, long, NATURAL hair like theirs. However, they have some videos sharing their routines in makeup and trying new brands. They are beneficial for my brown skin loves.

9) Shirley B. Eniang: Her channel usually portrays her amazing taste in fashion, but she has some videos showing her makeup routines. She usually does soft, dewy, and natural looks for all my ladies who like to look natural. She is lighter and would best help my lighter beauties.

8) Queenirozenblad; Queeni seriously can do any look you wanted her to do with any color. She is the epitome of a glam look and I usually go to her when I am wanting a really stand out-ish look. She is brown skin and my mocha dolls would benefit from her the most.

7) Itsmyrayeraye: This doll is a very good Youtuber to watch for simple, yet bomb as hell looks. She is very good with taking simple, inexpensive products and making a beautiful look out of it. She's a fun soul and I believe my dark vanilla girls would benefit most from her.

6) Nyma Tang: This dark beauty is one of my favorites, while she is darker than I am, her videos encompass new products, tests, and advice for really women of all shade when is comes to makeup. Her trademark is "the darkest shade" because when it comes to foundations, she tests out the darkest shade to see if they are really worth the hype.

5) Jennie Jenkins: I have been watching Jennie the longest, out of all the Youtubers I mention. She is the first one I watched when I started to become interested in makeup about 5 years ago. She is very good at light, natural looks but she can also pull out the Holiday glam looks. She suffered from hyperpigmentation and gives advice to other women who may have the same problem. She is a brown skin- dark shade and will benefit those of that color.

4) Nitraab: Nitraa is the most down home, country YouTuber ever. She is sweet as can be and beats everything in the world out of her face. She is the BEST at Holiday glam looks and also has videos including skin care routines and other helpful ideas. She is a NC 45 doll ( meaning she is lighter) and will benefit those of that same complextion.

3) Nikki Perkins: While nikki has a channel that she involves makeup in, her main channel is a Vlog channel with her beautiful family. She is a dark skin model (she really is a model) and is the best at sultry, yet bright- eyed looks. She is darkskin, and would benefit my dark chocolate babes.

2) Jackie Aina: Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. Go watch a video, and you will understand that part. She is the biggest diva out of all the Youtuber that I watch and is SO funny. She can do any look, but she mostly goes for colorful looks when it comes tot the eyeshadows, I promise you will love her. She is medium-brown- darker skin. I know that doesn't make sense but I feel anyone within those categories would benefit from her.

1) Peakmill: My top Youtuber. This woman will beat her face 5 times in the same day and never get tired of it. She an do literaly any look, with any color, for any occasion. Not only is she the absolute best at makeup, but she also does hair on her channel and can teach you step by step how to make a lacefront wig. She is darker skin,and feel by dark and lovely babies will benefilt most from her.

So there are my Top 10 Youtubers for Black Womenn. Please subscribe to these ladies and show them some love because they helped women like me learn how to do my makeup when I needed it. Thanks for reading!!!