It's official, we are at the last month of the year (no shit sherlock), and i wanted to put some of my goals so there will be a constant reminder, i know in a few days till the year ends, could change a lot of things, but for now this are my ultimate goals atm.


Eat healthier

food, breakfast, and healthy image
Eat less junk food basically.

Workout more

Abusive image
I know i can 💪

Be more organized

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With my time and that

Make new friends

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Because i need true, loyal, trustworthy friends.

Go to as many places as i can

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Bc why not?

Find a new job

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Gotta make money.

Have good grades

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Dedicate more time to do the things that i like

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Etc, etc.

Save money

Dream, money, and big dreams image money, dollars, and luxury image
of course.

Learn a new language

amici, beautiful, and fiori image quotes, red, and bonjour image

More self-love

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Scary and hard to admit, but yes.

Take care of my skin like a pro

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And have clear skin af

Join a charity group

charity, 52, and 100 things to do in life image before i die, bucket list, and animal image

Discover new things

beach, mexico, and summer image light, city, and night image
It could be a new shortcut in the road but you get the idea :)

Have a proper night routine

cat, black and white, and kitten image sleep, black, and light image
Bye bye insomnia

Just be myself and embrace it

lights image

Make myself proud

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If you have any goal for the next year please let me know, im just curious lol :)

Love, Vanessa x