Hey guys! Today I'm gonna talk about my experience with a challenge about #TheSmileProject. Now that I'm a part of the official team (yes!!), I decided I was gonna make the challenge that Kaylee (@writerforlife) made. The challenge is about leaving a little message for someone (a waiter, a friend, whoever) to make them smile... So here's what I did.

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Two days ago I made the little paper. It said exactly this:

Hi! I just wanted to say something important to you: SMILE. Ok, now, here's the hard thing: Keep that smile, you look Amazing. I think that will be all, have a nice day, you deserve the best.

And then I draw I gigantic smiling face lol.

The hard thing was that I couldn't find someone to give it to. Then I thought anyone deserved the best, so I could give the paper to anyone.

Yesterday in the morning I had a horrible fight with my mom and I ended crying my eyes out and hating the world. OK, everyone has those days, but the point of all this is that I took my dog for a walk, and when I was leaving the house I took the little paper and kept it on my jeans.
When I was returning home, a woman passed by me and she look like sooo f*cked up (sorry for bad language). When I saw her I just said a nice 'Good morning' and I smiled (but I had red puffy eyes and I supposed I seemed really bad too). So I tryed to catch up with her and I gave her the little paper. She looked confused when I gave her the paper but I just told her to read it. When she ended she was smiling and looked at me with so much affection. Then she saw my face and gave me back the paper. She just told me: 'I think you should follow your own advice sweetie'. We both smiled and say goodbye to each other. I've never been so shocked by the love you can have for someone you do not know.

I think this is a beautiful and valuable experience, not only for me, but for anyone who believes that this world can be better. The support we gave each other (the woman and I), should serve as a learning experience for anyone who believes that being kind is useless. You all should learn this: We can make a difference in someone's life by just giving them a smile, or kind words. All people in this world should be supporting each other, because we all know the feeling of being alone in this world and in our problems, and we have to make a difference in that thought..

I wanna do a change in that thought, so I swear I'm gonna try to do the best in helping people around me. All of us should do it. We are not in this life for just suffering. We have to find that balance inside us, but we can't do it when our society is so bad constructed. But we, the people, can make a difference just putting our grain of sand.

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With this I end my article. Thank you so much for reading. If you liked it give it a heart :)


With lots of love, hugs and smiles, Aisha.

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