Bedrooms. I spend most of my time in there and you most likely do too. I'm gonna tell you about how to sort your bedroom out and make it reflex you as a person so I hope this helps!


To have a aesthetically good looking bedroom you have to make sure that you have a colour theme. Some themes include:

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(top left to bottom right) white, grey, black and cream


try to keep your room as minimal as possible because as people say the small details is the big detail!

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Plants are great if you wanna bring your bedroom to life but always remember to look after them! Having plants makes you bedroom just a bit more homely.

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Fresh Bedding

fresh bedding always helps me out when looking to mix up my bedroom but always make sure it fits your theme. It doesn't just make your bedroom look nice but also (personally) puts you in a good mood.

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Fill Your Walls

now I don't mean cover your walls but try to add photos or prints to your wall to remind you everyday of what and who you love but I also makes you room more personal to you.

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Candles doesn't just make the room smell nice but also makes you bedroom 100 times better! It's makes it more cosy.

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Sunlight is key to making your bedroom perfect as it suddenly gives it life and also could improve your mood too.

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