If you want to achieve something, then do not wait for everything to happen by itself.
Never sit in one place. Always run, run to your goal. I know it's difficult to turn mountains if you just want it very much. If for example you want to become a singer, a dancer, an actress, etc. And if it does not work, there is no talent .Tebe they say stop! It's your chapel! You're not capable of anything! It's a stupid dream! Take hold of your mind! Do not listen to anyone. Is it wrong to dream? Is not this a crime? It's not someone who has talent who dreams. Something to achieve is to be able to dream. With all your heart, you want this and work. You will definitely achieve what eat. Even if you have to start from the very beginning, do not give up. Remember what awaits you when you overcome this obstacle. You can prove not only to all those who doubted you, that you have achieved all that you wanted, you will prove and you will show yourself not only to everyone, but to yourself what you are capable of.