i'm sure you've heard of mediation before. before i tried it, i had, but somehow i didn't see people talking about it. and when i finally started doing it, i decided that i just HAD share how it completely changed my life for the better with you guys !

first off, you should understand that meditation is a practice that reduces stress, increases calmness & clarity and promotes happiness. to start doing it you need a reason that is going to keep you motivated to do it daily. it will keep you in place, so it does require a bit of patience. but fortunately your patience will grow bigger while practising meditation. there are different types of meditation, the most popular includes sitting in a still position.

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  • relieves stress, anxiety
  • helps with insomnia, sleep problems
  • helps you focus
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • decreases blood pressure, hypertension
  • increases the production of an anti-aging hormone
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  • identify your goal. whether it's to relieve stress, gain focus on your studies, be able to see the good things in life, or feel more compassionate or empathetic towards people ! this is important because there are different meditation techniques for each of those things! (you can have more than one goal and start working your way through one by one)
  • do research ! look for some books or just google some tips & tricks for meditation beginners that will help you make your first experience easier !
  • get ready ! the key is to find a quiet place you'll be able to spend some time without being interrupted and have something comfortable to sit on. make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes & your won't be bothering you.
  • start meditating ! there are sooo many different videos you can find on youtube that will guide you into meditation & will tell you what exactly you have to do. i personally prefer putting in my earphones and using an app called Calm. there's also an extremely popular app called Headspace & more ! what i love about these apps is that there are multiple sessions that differ from each other & the purpose of the sessions is also explained well (for sleep, anxiety, focus, relationships etc)
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i am extremely new at this! i have just recently started but i have noticed such a difference already! i suffer from anxiety and i have known this for a while but i didn't do anything before i realized that it was hard for me to enter malls and specific but also casual situations made me slip into an anxiety attack.

i started meditating every day before going to bed, but also sometimes before a planned stressful situation such as my first job interview, which actually went very well but i'm not sure if it were the people who were extremely nice, talkative and openminded or if the short meditation helped me gain confidence that it was going to be okay.

i usually meditate for a little less than 10 minutes because the app is controlling my progress and time and i'm very okay with that.

what i have noticed is that i still feel anxiety but i can recognize it and contain it way better. meditation introduced me to a technique in which you focus on your breath in your mind saying 'breathe in', 'breathe out'. it helps me stay grounded, push my anxiety far away and focus on the now, where i am and that everything that's going around me is okay.

let me remind you that i am just in the beginning of my journey & i am already seeing a huge difference. if that can't assure you to at least try it once i don't know what can ! 10 min of your life is such a small sacrifice for something that could change your whole life for the better.

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thank you so much for reading!

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