Hey love, Nice to ser you back here
So this is day 4 of 7 day writing challenge
Sorry I didn’t upload this yesterday, but I didn’t had the time.
So let’s begin

Day 4: Who do you look up to, and why?
So okay who do I look up too?
I look up to Liza Koshy, Ellen Degeneres, Mykie from Glame&Gore and many, many more.

The reason I look up to Liza is because she is herself and I really like that about her, and she is just funny person and to say it out loud she is my women crush of the year.
And with Ellen and Mykie it is the same reason with Liza, I like all of them because they are just them selfs and nobody else, and that's the most importorn in a person, that's why they all are my woman crush of the year.

I really think that's it from now and sorry I didn't upload this a few days ago, I have a lot of work and school to deal with this week, so sorry for that.
But see ya tomorrow

love marie <3