as it was my birthday a couple of days ago I thought it was a good idea to tell everyone what I got. I just wanna say I'm not trying to brag but I'm happy with what I got and I hope my opinion on these items will help you if you want to purchase them

MacBook Air

now, this was my main presents I'm actually typing on it right now. I'm happy with my decision to get it as I will be using it a lot in college and right now its hard to get used to but Ill soon get used to it.

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Cath Kidston X Disney Laptop Case

With the money from family members and friends I brought a laptop case for my case from one of the best places for laptops cases (in my opinion). It's white with floral flowers and sketches of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse I love it as it matches my bedding and is perfect for my laptop.

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as you can already tell I got a lot of money instead of buying little things as I wanna go on a MASSIVE shopping trip next year to get stuff for college and everyday life.

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Guess Bracelet

as a small surprise my Dad brought me a Guess bracelet and I instantly fell in love with it.

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My friends brought me many things like a FCUK perfume, Lush products, Ted Baker minis, CHOCOLATE and many more. these are all mostly in the photos underneath.

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I wanna say thank you to everyone who got me something for my birthday and thank you for reading this. if you lie it make sure you like it and follow me or my other collections. (I sound like a YouTuber!)

Macey x