1. Stay in shape

fitness, motivation, and workout image fitness, motivation, and workout image

2. Eat healthier

food, food porn, and healthy image fruit, food, and summer image

3. Meet new people

Aperitivo, artist, and at image nyc, city, and new york image

4. Become more confident

actress, gif, and gomez image dua lipa and blue image

5. Save some money

money, dollars, and luxury image money, theme, and green image

6. Read one book every couple weeks

book, girl, and aesthetic image Amazon, cat, and cats image

7. Learn about photography

photography and tumblr image girl, flowers, and camera image

8. Learn a new language (Mine is norwegian)

eva and skam image night, norwegian, and nightfall image

9. Dance more, move your body

rain, love, and couple image selena gomez, selena, and stars dance tour image

10. Learn to cook

kitchen, home, and interior image brad, chef, and cook image

11. Meditate

adventure, beach, and beautiful image nature, yoga, and meditation image

12. Gratitude challenge

gratitude and quotes image gratitude, remember, and wordart image

13. Journal

journal, art, and quotes image Image by ꠨✿꠨ G ᗩ ᗷ ᗷ Y ꠨✿꠨

14. Take a day off (No phones )

adventure, girl, and travel image dog, girl, and black image

15. Self-care day every week

girl, bed, and relax image cozy, beauty, and bed image