hi to whoever is reading this,

let me introduce myself, my name is Abby. i decided to create an article about myself -- that's why it's called the get to know me tag lol.

How old are you?
i'm 17 years old, almost 18 !

I'm vegan for almost a year now.

How long have you been on WeHeartIt?
i have been on this for several years now.

I have youtube channel : Accidentally Abby
i'm on youtube most of the time creating videos every tuesday and friday since i started in february and i love doing it -- making videos.

What would describe yourself in 5 words?
funny, adorable, kind, lovable, and ambitious.

sincerely, abby

ps : thank you for reading this. love you. (trying to learn how to actually create an article like everyone elses, don't worry -- many more articles to come).