Enjoy this list with the shows that I most want to go!
Ps. In case you do not read until the end: I will do a part two of the list, because not all shows are here.

I would love to go on her show. I've known her since the time she had not released Badlands yet, and I'd like to go on her show, sort of in a small show house, because it would be a more intimate presentation.

halsey, hfk, and hopeless fountain kingdom image halsey, hfk, and lq halsey image

I've known Blackbear since 2015 through an app, and from there I can not explain how much I love his songs. And it would be an incredible experience to hear him sing the new album.

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Arctic Monekys
I can't even explain how wonderful it would be to go on a show from one of my favorite bands. And I know they didn't release an album long ago, but it doesn't hurt to dream a little about the day I'm going to see Alex Turner aka the man of my life

arctic monkeys, alex turner, and Lyrics image alex turner and arctic monkeys image

The Neighbourhood
Again this is one of my favorite bands and I really love Jesse the lead singer. I'll have the opportunity to watch them sing next year in March at a festival called Lollapalooza, and I'm just so thankful for that!

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Lana Del Rey
MY WIFE! I can't wait to see this woman! She is the definition of perfection, and I still can't believe I'll see her in Lollapalooza, on the same day as The Neighborhood! I'm so grateful for everything, and I can 't explain how happy I am.

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I made this list very small, because all the shows I would like to go would not fit here. But I hope to do a part two of this list, and of course, a list of the shows I've already been and the experiences I've had in them.//

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