Hello everyone!! It's finally that time of the year in which we all celebrate christmas.
I decided to write my first article about this holiday. I hope you'll like it!

Your Favorite Christmas Movie(s)?

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"Home alone" is a forever classic. There is no year I don't watch this movie.

What Is Your Go To Christmas Playlist?

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I love the christmas album of pentatonix. I am really in love with their voices, they sing like angels. 💕

Who Would You Like To Kiss Underneath The Mistletoe?

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Honestly I really do not know. Maybe I will find my real love this christmas.

Your Must Have Christmas Accessory?

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I think the "must have" this winter is a thick and warm scarf.

What Has Been Your Most Memorable Christmas Stocking?

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Honestly, my family isn’t really a big fan on stockings. We put them up and all, but they’re mostly just filled with candies.

Your Ideal Christmas Eve?

Staying cozy,watching christmas movies, drinking hot chocolate and the most important part is going out with friends to sing christmas carols.