I would call myself an Aurora Bolrealis chaser as I like to go and see (the more commonly name for it), the Northern Lights.

Without going into the science of this phenomenon it occurs at the north and south poles during the winter months. Basically particles from the sunspots on the sun fall into our atmosphere and combine with atoms and molecules hitting the magnetic fields of the poles causing an amazing light show.

I am from the U.K. and we have a monthly science programme called ‘The Sky at Night’. I had the opportunity to go with the, and a group on a special flight London to London. No that is not a typo we flew to Iceland and back in the hope of seeing the Northern Loghts. It is not guaranteed to be seen after all it is Mother Nature but you do stand a good chance of seeing it between the months of November to March.

It was very late at night and all airline traffic had stopped. We had the chance to see something so amazing it was one of my best sights ever!

The pilot was able to switch off all the lights, even the emergency exit signs, everything so we were flying in complete darkness. What this means is the night sky is illuminated in all its wonder. As I gazed out the window there beside me was the Milky Way!! Our spiral galaxy.

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OMG the stars look so different more close up. Of course there are lots of kilometres away but at least I was a little closer. How would I describe the Milky Way? I was looking into a deep bucket of stars zillions of sparkling stars. (400 billion to be precise). Breathtaking!!

So we travelled on searching high and low for the elusive Northern Lights, would we be lucky? Only time would tell. Then.........

Out of the darkness, over Iceland, along the horizon was a green light just hovering in the distance. This eerie silent sight made me feel the majesty of our planet and atmosphere. It’s is hard to comprehend the meaning of this and one question that zipped through my mind was why are we here? Something else that cannot be explained.

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You get a different perspective when you are at eye level. You cannot see ‘the curtain’ effect you see from the ground. I am just glad I got to see it from a different angle.

As we flew home sated and at peace I knew how lucky I had been to see this wonder of the world.

I highly recommend this adventure.

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