It was dark outside when you took my hand.
"Come dance with me under the stars while the snow is covering the world with magic !"
I smiled, because you knew.
Time could stop, we would still be dancing under the stars while promises were hidden in every snowflakes falling on our clothes.
Time could stop as long as you would still be kissing me, the warmth of your hands on my neck and the wind twirling and whispering to our ears the Christmas songs you always wanted to hear.

You looked me in the eyes and with a smile you said:
" Someday, they will read about our story, wishing to know how it feels, to hear the world sleeping while dancing in the snow"

And Time stopped.

love, snow, and couple image

Thank you so much for reading ! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved writing it !
Also,This is the story I want to convey through my collection for the #WHITheCollectors contest. I hope you'll feel this winter love story through it.

With All my Love,