Let's face it, crushes can suck. They can make you the happiest person from something so like a simple hi and bye. On other days they can make your life a whole mess from overthinking, confusion and a roller coaster of emotions.

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When you realize you have one

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It can depend on who you are. Sometimes your reaction is something like this: "Ugh not another crush why?" Or you start to panic because of the mess having a crush can be. Maybe you have mixed emotions.

One thing for sure, having a crush can bring a lot of struggles.

You get too happy over the little things

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The normal things about them just make you happy. Sometimes at the point where you really don't have a real reason, you just like it because its part of their life.

Trying to Impress them

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Have you ever wanted to change your style and look and your crush didn't notice? How about spending money on things you don't really need just so you can get a compliment from them? How about trying to act cool and failing at it?


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Eventually with a crush will come doubt. Do you want to have a crush? Do they like anyone else? What if someone better else like them?


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Even if they are not your's you can't help but feel jealous. Don't worry though, jealousy is normal as long as it doesn't go too far.

You can't stop thinking about them

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They just get stuck on you head like a catchy song. You just can't get them out of your mind despite what you try to do. Sometimes trying to ignore or forget them makes it even worse.

Finding out they like someone else

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Uff, no this can be one of the worst feelings. You liked them and tried to approach them, till you found out they liked someone else.

Your heart keeps hoping for something

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You realize they are not as great as you thought. Your brain tells you that they are not perfect, but somehow your crush is put on a pedestal. Your heart just keeps hoping there's something between you and your crush. It keeps hoping that something good might happen with your crush.

It can be hard to move on

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Again, your heart still keeps hoping for something, but don't worry you are human, these things are normal. Just make sure your crush is not making you feel bad all the time. Crushes are supposed to make you happy, if they don't it is time to move on.

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That's it for this article. Hope you could relate to these!

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