December. It's that time again when you wonder how fast the year passed by. It's that time of the year again when you ask yourself what you have achieved and where you are,if you are where you wanted to be. Did you make your dreams come true? Did you do things you were afraid of this year? Did you get to know yourself? Did you lose someone you loved? Did you find someone to love you no matter what? Did you make the plans you were talking about,did you go to the trip you wanted? Did you manage to forgive yourself first? Did you try to do your best at least for once? Did you find a shoulder to cry on? Did you find a hand to hold on when it gets hard?

It's unbelivable how quickly a year passes. And it is that time of the year again where you will either be happy because you have accomplished your goals,or you will regret you didn't take the opportunity you had.