Don't turn off the lights. 'Cause I will not be able to see you. Don't forget the past. 'Cause you will not remember " the us"

I know it has hurt (and a lot). But my heart keeps beating for you. Every heartbeat is screaming your name.

When we were together, I felt like I was in heaven. Touching the clouds when I caressed your skin. I felt the heat of the sun when you smiled at me. I felt to be in the stars when you looked me directly in the eyes.

I felt what I had never felt. And I felt it just for you.

The moon moved with our bodies, the fog dispersed as we walked. When our hands joined, I felt complete. Please don't leave me right now. 'Because I need you. I want to understand you again, because if not, I feel I will be dead.

I hated love ... Until I knock on the doors of my heart.
And when I went out to see who it was, I found your perfect smile.

I didn't know what butterflies were, until I heard your voice.
I didn't know what the vacuum was, until you went another way and now I scream that I don't need you, but we both know that it's not like that, we know that I am dying for you. And you know your equal. So listen to me, we need to feel it again.

We need to be complete, I need you to fill the gap. So come back again.