(This one doesn't have a name)

Hide my eyes,
Hide my soul.
I don't want to be me within.
Out of reach,
I want to be.
Please leave me be.
My eyes,
Let them cry.
My soul,
Let it die with me inside.

My Stained Heart

My heart,
It will always be stained with the footprints of your feet that stomped on it.
It will be stained with the love I felt for you,
The memories that time cannot erase from my mind,
It will be stained with your laugh I can still hear,
The truth behind your eyes,
The jar of salty tears that have poured out from my heart to my eyes,
And the lies that we have both told to each other.
My heart is covered in those stains that I called love.
My stained heart has been fully covered.
I can no longer see it.
I can no longer love because you stained my heart.
The stain cannot be removed therefore,
My heart,
It belongs to you.