I have my head blocked
All my thoughts are jammed
Those memories i loved
All of them being dragged.

This strain keeps pulling
And i'm getting tired of resisting
Why wouldn't i compare it to bullying
When the only thing is pain existing.

And day after day
I can't do this anymore
Keep pushing away
Everything that hurted before.

Some of it pass through
And that empty space was never the same
Hapinness once fit there so
I think i'm losing more when i play this game.

It's also kinda sad
How easly you lose your willing to live
Cause you realise how stupid and bad
Are the reasons you insist to go with.

To keep going on this routine
That never seems to change
That prize you wanna win
But its always outta range

And then you look at the mirror
And don't know what to see
If a person standing crying
Or the person you never wanna be.

But you were forced to become it
And you have to live with the fact
That somehow you hold on to something
That doesn't give you reasons to act.

It keeps you alive in this journey
In this limbo between reality and hell
But it's kinda the same thing lonely
Since you've never been that well.

Than the next moment you wake up
And you just wanna yell
You see all your emotions fucked up
And all chained in a cell,

You get shot in the head
Now you see from above
Someone shot you dead
And you see things you're not supposed

You see a bottle of whisky
Look closer and you see a gun and pills
Only conlcusion that you take is risky
But the truth is that reality kills...

This poem was written by a friend of mine.
He is passing through a lot and I know he is in stuggle with himself and with those bad things happening around him, even if he doesn't want to admit it. But, by the fact he sent me this, shows that he wants help and trusts me, so he is counting on me to help him.

I don't know if I should be posting this, in respect for his privacy, but I know that his words reflect a lot of people's darkest and deepest thoughts, and many of you will identify or just empatise with this.

But remember: you are not alone. You just have to belive that something good is coming for you and you should grab it because you deserve it!!