Hey everybody!
Today is the first article of my "advent challenge".
I will post an article on different topics every sunday till christmas.
I hope you enjoy reading them and wish you a pleasant 3rd of december.

Songs about...

the sun// the moon

bellezza, sun, and van gogh image moon, stars, and night image
Kygo – Sunrise // Jaymes Young – Moondust

day// night

air, freedom, and girl image dark, night, and tumblr image
Kodaline – One day // The Vamps – Middle of the night

rain// snow

Image by ♡ Rinu ♡ winter, snow, and window image
Aha – Crying in the rain // Axel Flovent – Snow

stars// ocean

Image by WarmSoul water, blue, and sea image
Ed Sheeran – All of the stars //Bec Sandridge – Over the sea

northern lights// rainbows

green, sky, and aurora image rainbow, sand, and sea image
Jaymes Young – Northern Lights // Sleeping at Last – Rainbow Connection

flowers// trees

beautiful, gerbera, and camera image beautiful, country, and countryside image
Daisy – Zedd // Jasmine Thompson – Willow

april// september

april, flower, and purple image fall and September image
Imaginary Future – April // Gabrielle – September

letters// postcards

letters, vintage, and indie image vintage, letters, and Letter image
Jamie Lawson - Letters // Meadowlark - Postcards

man// woman

hat image black and white, liv tyler, and photography image
Charli XCX – Boys // HONNE – Woman

joy// fear

friends, girl, and pink image fear, quotes, and text image
Sia – Joy I call life // Boy – Fear

tears// smiles

boy, girl, and art image smile, art, and drawing image
Amy Winehouse – Tears dry on their own // James Bay – Best fake smile

reality// fiction

lonely, wallpaper, and rose image red, rose, and flowers image
Lost Frequencies – Reality // Mads Langer – Fact-Fiction

angels// ghosts

neon, angel, and wings image Image by Daiane Senem
Owl City – Angels // Stars - Dead Hearts

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