I hope this will inspire you to not give up.

For three or more years I was drowning in problems and sadness. I fall asleep with tears every night. I lost hope that something good will come soon. I was always worried about what other people think of me. I hated the way I look, I was too shy, I lost two close friends, I didn't study as much as I did before, and my health problems started getting in my way. I can't describe how much I hated myself.

I hit the bottom on my 18. birthday. How sad is that your only wish at your 18. birthday is to fell asleep and never wake up? And that is the moment when the game changed. I realized that I have to change everything. My project started soon after my birthday. Health, school and wellbeing project.

It was five years ago. I worked so hard. In that period there were a lot of ups and downs. I wanted to give up so many times. But I didn't.

After five years, I can finally say I made it! I'm 23 and I have everything that I have ever wanted. But I always remember that time in high school when I felt helpless and hopeless, and that time at college when I worked hard.

Yesterday I was sitting in the bus, and across me was a 15-16 years old girl. I saw sadness and loneliness in her eyes... I saw exactly what I saw in the mirror five years ago. And it hit me. I wanted to help her, to protect her, to hug her and tell her that everything will be alright and to keep fighting...

I want you to have faith in yourself and to take your life in your own hands. Magic can't work unless you do, so please give your best and the rest will come.