Fav movies:
Romance and fantasy are my fav things i think

- Harry Potter/Fantastic Beast series

the 8th and last is epic and emotional (for the potterheads) !

hogwarts, harry potter, and castle image harry potter, eyes, and glasses image

- Narnia series

narnia, snow, and winter image chronicles of narnia image

- Marvel movies

captain america is my fav hero. I can't wait for Black Panther. Recently i really liked Doctor Strange. I admit the X-men series are my favs of favs.

art, Avengers, and nerds image Avengers and gif image magneto, Marvel, and xmen image x-men, x-men apocalypse, and apocalypse image

- Boys (Jongen)

boys, cinema, and movie image boys, gay, and gijs blom image

- love actually

Image by Евгения

- very bad trip

this movie is wtf. i laugh like i never did while i was watching this crazy movie.

the hangover, hangover, and funny image

- Interstellar

a very beautiful story about humanity, space and a relationship between a father and her daughter. You should watch it !

movie and movie poster image space, universe, and interstellar image

there are so many good movies in this world i can't mention all of them but i aslo love "the last song", "jurassic world", "karate kid", "Tengo ganas de ti" (twilight love), movies with Louis de Funès, "ma première fois", "high school musial" series (yes my childhood), "Now you see me" series,...

thanks for reading !