It's December and in a lot of country's it's winter. I personally love winter because it's the time of the year where everybody comes together, and where you can make good memories.

I made a list of different things to do in the winter!

1. Listen to christmas music.
It sounds really weird but if you love christmas this is the perfect time to get yourself in that 'christmas' vibe.

piano, light, and christmas image

2. Sing (winter) karaoke.
Make yourself comfortable, invite some friends over if you want and sing along to your favorite songs!

christmas, music, and winter image

3. Search for a new hobby.
It's the perfect opportunity to search for a new hobby, for example; learn how to play an instrument, learn some new dance moves, anything you want!

girl, snow, and winter image

4. Break time for you and your social media/phone.
Most of us can't imagine their life without their phone. Maybe it's time to give your phone a break. Don't use your phone for a few hours or maybe a whole day? It's up to you.

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5. Go for a walk.
It sounds really simple, but in the winter everything looks extra beautiful. Enjoy the fresh air and nature around you.

snow, winter, and cold image

6. Make christmas cards
If you like being creative, make christmas cards! Use your own imagination or search for inspiration on We♡It.

cards, Figure, and winter image

7. Hot cocoa
Nothing's better than a hot cocoa with a lot of whipped cream!

christmas, season, and tree image

Thank you for reading this article.
Enjoy your winter!